Staging is primarily the action of installing software to new or repaired devices.

For new devices, the Staging action often involves attaching asset labels, recording serial numbers, and performing other actions commensurate with the deployment of new devices into a project.

PBS stages thousands of devices each year. We have evolved lots of specialty toolsets that allows us to perform the tasks accurately with maximum efficiency. As a result, our pricing is super competitive. Budget for as little as $4.50 ex. GST per asset item.



Support is all about assisting end users to stay productive. At PBS, we support both hardware and software.

We find that most of the support is required shortly after users first get their new kit. The kit and the software are all new, and users need our guidance to get it set up and running. Sometimes, that means we’ll get 4 or 5 calls a day for the first couple of days. We’re always happy to help. We find the best outcome is attained if we both assign a single person (single user person matched with single PBS support person) to work through the site evolution. Our twenty years of history shows this works because both parties can stay in tune with the dynamic of the end users’ progress, and can stay in close communication to ensure a good outcome.

PBS supports approximately 10,000 end users. We are able to do this on a 24hr basis. Our phones are always manned.
Our view is that proper Support does not end with the setup and configuration of hardware and software. From time to time, users will have observations they wish to share with us and get our input into. If there is configuration adjustment required, we provide that. If there are bugs suspected we analyse, provide feedback and if required work to get them fixed.

Pricing depends on the complexity of the problem space and the quantity of devices involved. If PBS are providing a Device Management service to larger sites, we often waive the support cost.

Support Toolset

Not all sites have (or need) specialist toolset for configuration and maintenance of their environments. For those that do PBS recommends, configures and supports the SOTI product.
SOTI is an excellent product. It allows realtime viewing of the running devices from the office PC, be that a Smart Phone, PDA, Mobile Computer, Laptop or Tablet.

PBS offers a service to host the SOTI environment for those users that would like us to look after this aspect for them.

You should budget for a once off charge of around $70 ex. GST per user for SOTI licenses. If configuration is required, simply ask us for a quote.

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