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Purpose Built Software & Services (PBS) has provided software for mobile data recording devices for over 20 years. As the industry has evolved, so have we. Yes, we at PBS live in today’s world and continually look to the future. We also have the advantage of being familiar with the history and evolution of the programming requirements for this segment of the market.

We currently develop and provide support for PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile software and devices.

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We have a forward-thinking Research & Development strategy that means we’re continually engineering our programs to keep them viable with the latest mobile and desktop hardware and operating systems – while also maintaining all-important backward compatibility.

This allows our clients to use old and new hardware in a mix’n’match fashion, without the unnecessary cost of re-writing sections or entire programs. It’s the type of solution that comes from spending a long time listening to what our clients actually need, and then building accordingly.

PBS is based in Sydney, Australia, servicing both national and international clients.

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