Looking to repair a MC9090-G / MC9190-G?

AUSTRALIAN-BASED EOL (End of Life) Symbol / Motorola / Zebra repairs.

Our MC9X90 series refurbish package deal fixes all common faults.

The refurbish package fixes most common faults by replacing:

  • Back up battery
  • Hand strap and stylus, if worn or missing
  • Scanner flex cable, if needed (the cause of most scanner-not-working issues)
  • Complete functional testing
  • Screen cracks, scratches, dents and sensitivity issues that can be resolved by replacement of the digitiser at the front of the LCD
  • Trigger mechanism for gun devices
  • Return shipping included

We offer FREE inspection and quote – no charge for return if quote not accepted.

Also, bulk repair discounts are available – enquire within!

If any of the below are required, we will quote you for new and/or used parts from our extensive collection.

MC9X90 Front cover (for charging faults)
MC9090-G Scan engine replacement (rarely needed)
MC9090-G LCD** replacement
MC9X90 Keyboard replacement
MC9190-G Scan engine replacement (rarely needed)
MC9190-G LCD** replacement
**LCD is the ‘Liquid Crystal Display ‘, found behind the front glass (digitiser) that creates the formal picture on the screen.

What’s more, we offer FREE inspection and quote – no charge for return if quote is not accepted.

Please let us know if your kit is coming:

Phone us on (02) 9906 7300, email repairs@purposebuilt.com.au or fill out the form here.

Send your kit to:

Purpose Built Software
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